Saturday 1 March 2025

Welcome to the Acomoclitic Website

Acomoclitic: It's just a personal choice of hair style.
Welcome to the acomoclitic website.  This is a good place to start if you want to find out more about intimate body shaving.

What is an Acomoclitic?

An acomoclitic is defined as “having a preference for hairless genitals”.  Acomoclitics prefer it when all the pubic hair has been completely removed.  This usually refers to the removal of pubic hair from their partners but often includes their own.  This preference is both aesthetic and sensual but at the end of the day, please bear in mind it's only a personal choice of hair style. See the Frequently Asked Questions for more information.  See the Wikipedia entriesfor some public-domain images.

The domain name ( is up for sale. Please if you want further information. 

Please Note: The portrayal of shaven genitals is not in itself pornographic,  (If it was, Wikipedia would be in BIG trouble) but please be aware that some images in here may depict explicit sexual behavior.

Sadly, after over 900,000 hits, Wordpress decided to delete the original Acomoclitic website without warning in February 2014. This backup has taken over as the main site and we now have another backup in the wings, just in case.