Negative Media References

Negative Media References.

The press and media disapprove of a woman's decision to remove her pubic hair.  In fact I've never seen a single positive article about pubic shaving appear in any newspaper - ever!  

And in this current political climate it's convenient to accuse men for being the cause. Newspapers and magazines feature articles that repeat these myths on a regular basis along with accusations of misogyny and laying the "blame" on men.  Check the following articles and see for yourself.

 (You can even play "Spot the Myths" while you're at it.)

  • The online feminist magazine "Byrdie", blames men (of course) but hopes that the feminist movement will bring back the bush and goes on to add.. "...the feminist revolution will find its way into our pubes soon enough."

Other bizarre suggestions by this article for not going smooth include:
  • Pubic hair removal can give you abscesses
  • Pubic hair removal is more dangerous for overweight women because their skin is "closer together".