Q: What does acomoclitic actually mean?
A: The word is defined as “having a preference for hairless genitals”.  Acomoclitics prefer it when all the pubic hair of their partners has been removed.  This often includes removing their own.  This preference is both aesthetic and sexual.

Q: Isn't it a perversion of some kind?
A: No, it’s just a personal choice of hairstyling. However, some people confuse the preference for hairless genitals with that of having an attraction towards prepubescence, but the two are not related.  It may be true that the appearance of pubic hair is a secondary sign of puberty, but so is underarm hair.  Many adult females methodically remove all traces of hair from under their arms but no one has ever suggested that this is an attempt to make themselves look prepubescent.  Ad many men say that a female who shaves her pubic hair looks more confident and has taken charge of her own body.

Q: Why do it?
A: Acomoclitics say it looks and feels much better.  They find it aesthetically pleasing, and say that it enhances the tactile senses during lovemaking and acts as a powerful visual stimulant.  Men regard a female who remove all her pubic hair as being liberated, uninhibited and more in control of their own bodies.  Others claim they do it for hygiene reasons and it gives them a fresh feeling.  One reason often given by females is that their boyfriends prefers it that way.

Q: How’s it done?
The terms “shaven” or “shaved” is often used to describe someone who has a hairless pubic area, but several different methods can be deployed for the removal of the hair.  Most people start with a a close crop using scissors, then run a fresh safety razor over it using shaving cream and water. This is then maintained whenever they take a shower or a bath.  Many females use waxing or sugaring methods which results in a smoothness that lasts for much longer.  A few use electric razors or hair removal creams, but these are not popular.  Some couples incorporate shaving into their foreplay.

Q: Who does it?
A: Anyone and everyone.  It’s a completely personal choice. It’s hard to gauge the rise in popularity in shaven pubes as these things are usually kept private, but there are some social areas where it is visually apparent – one such is naturism.  A decade ago you would have rarely seen any naturist with hairless pubes in their resorts.  Naturist clubs and societies even banned members who went smooth, although no sensible reason was ever given for such a ban.  These days it is quite common to see totally smooth members appearing in naturist resorts around the world.  Some sub-groups even specialise in having hair-free membership.  Naturists who remove all pubic hair refer to themselves as “smoothies”.

Q: Just how popular is it?
A: The adult entertainment industry has shown the rise in popularity of intimate shaving.  Up to the 1970's, adult movie stars all had naturally hairy genitals.  As acomocliticism became popular, more and more porn stars began to shave off their pubic hair and hairy genitals began to look very dated.  Now, the removal of all (or almost all) pubic hair, especially amongst females, has become ubiquitous amongst the general public.  Surveys about the subject all point towards the contemporary desire to look ultra-smooth.  The trend has had exposure in some high profile celebrity cases.  The private sex tapes of Pamela Anderson and Paris Hilton have shown them both to be fully shaven.  Candid photos of Britney Spears and many other female celebrities have also shown them to be shaven when secretly snapped in public without their underwear.  It has also been profiled in fashion-conscious TV series such as Sex and the City.

Q: Is it just a current fad or passing fashion?
A: It has certainly been fashionable and highly desirable in the past.  Roman and Grecian statues and paintings on vases and murals often show females with no pubic hair. The Egyptians documented sugaring as a way to remove pubic hair.  Nowadays, it’s still seen as enhancing an already beautiful body.  It has practical aspects for glamour models or anyone wearing revealing swimsuits or high cut thongs to prevent unwanted curls from showing. Some hair styling salons offer complete removal of pubic hair and have terms to describe it, such as “full Brazilian” and “Hollywood”.  It is firmly established in Western culture that most people want their bodies to look gym-toned and slim, rather than appearing like the plump, chubby, Rubinesque bodies that were fashionable hundreds of years ago.  Having a smooth pubic area is now part of the same desired look.

Q: Is it strictly for females?
A: It’s mostly females, although a lot of men are trying it, too.  Men claim that it makes their penis appear larger.  Couples also report that their partners are keener on performing oral sex if there are no hairs to get into the mouth,.  Even men who do not shave like the look and feel of their partners being hair-free. Many men say that the visual appeal of smooth pubes triggers strong sexual urges in themselves and in their partners.

Q: How  many people shave?
A: Impossible to say, as it’s usually kept private, but there has been noticeable increase in recent years of naturists with shaven pubes appearing on beaches and holiday resorts.  In 2008, the BBC TV series “How To Look Good Naked”, asked a sample of 100 women across a spectrum of society and age profiles what their pubic hairstyle preferences were. Out of this sample, 87% said they shaved or trimmed their pubes to some extent and out of those, 48% said that they removed all of it..  That means around 40% of the overall sample had a hairless pubic area.  Almost every poll or survey about pubic hair styles almost always report a significant number of people who remove all their pubic hair.  Those who leave the area untrimmed or do minimal pruning are in the minority and shrinking fast.  An Internet search reveals there are thousands of web sites promoting the removal of body hair than there are ‘specialist’ sites that support leaving pubes naturally hairy.  The blog GuessHerMuff has a poll on the front page that allows visitors to vote on their favourite style.  The August 2011  total for votes for the Natural look is 31299 (24%) where the Brazillian  & Shaved Bald votes together are 56,521 (44%).

Q: Are there any groups or organisations catering for those who shave?
A: There are several organisations that cater specifically for smooth lifestyles.  The Smooth Naturists website offers a forum for all naturists that enjoy being shaven.

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