Seven Myths About Going Smooth

Seven Myths About Going Smooth

Pubic shaving is just a style of personal grooming.  The vast majority of females (and many males) now remove most or all of their pubic hair as opposed to those thick hairy bushes from the sixties and seventies. 

Yet there are still some ugly rumours being spread around by those who don't like it.  I've heard a lot of rubbish said about shaving pubes from those who can't resist a dig at someone who has decided to go smooth. At the end of the day, it's just a personal preference. But at least get the facts right and don't spread silly myths.

Here's seven of those myths along with why they're so silly. 

Myth 1. "It's not natural."

  • If shaving your hair is not natural, then neither is combing it, styling it or even keeping it neatly trimmed. So, no more visits to the hairdressers for you. And all you men will have to grow yourselves a thick, bushy mustache and a beard. 
  • And then there's those women who remove all traces of hair from their legs and armpits, yet are proud to announce that they have a full bush because "removing the hair down there isn't natural".  Make your minds up, it's either hairy armpits or hypocrisy. 
  • By the same reasoning, wearing clothes isn't natural, either.

Myth 2. "Women are pressured by men into doing it."

  • Then why do so many lesbians do it? The results of a recent poll (from the lesbian site shows that over a quarter of lesbians in the survey remove their pubic hair. (Ref.g) 
  • And since when has any women ever consulted a man about what hairstyle they can give themselves? Are you really suggesting that women are so weak-willed and feeble-minded that they have to be told by a man what style of hair to have. If they shave it all off, it's because they damn well want to.  Deal with it.

Myth 3. "This trend originated in the porn industry."

  • No, that's the wrong way round. The adult entertainment industry is not stupid - they make a huge amount of money from giving their customers exactly what they want. If they want to see hairy bushes, they give them hairy bushes. If they want to see smooth pubes, then they give them smooth pubes.  Porn stars became smooth because that's what their customers wanted to see.  
  • The adult entertainment industry is all about making money, not setting trends. It's a lot cheaper (and a lot less risky) for them to simply follow the most popular fashion.
  • History has plenty of examples of pubes-free females in classical art, paintings and statues long before the Porn industry jumped on the bandwagon.

Myth 4. "The itching drives you mad."

  • Maybe, the first couple of times you shave, but keep it up and the itching soon stops and doesn't return. If you don't believe me, ask any man without a beard if his chin still itches. And you don't see women walking down the street scratching their recently shaven armpits. 

Myth 5. "You're more likely to get an STD if you shave your pubes."

  • This bizarre conclusion came out of some survey carried out on a small sample of Californian students in 2017. (Ref. b) Someone analysed the survey results and declared that those who shave their pubes statistically contracted more Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs). They surmised it might be a result of possible "micro-tears" in the skin. 
  • Of course, another reason could be that those students who have gone smooth also tend to get more sex which would also statistically increase their chance of getting an STD. The research was dubious at best. In any event, you'll find that you're far more likely to get an STD by having unprotected sex with someone else who's already got one. This survey tells us a lot more about Californian students than it does about shaving pubes.

Myth 6. "Men just want women to look prepubescent."

  • The onset of puberty is normally accompanied by the appearance of secondary body hair.   Isn't it strange how we never accuse women of wanting men to look prepubescent when they say that they prefer their men without facial hair? (Ref.k)  Plenty of men don't like body hair on women.  Men often remove their own pubes.  Many women don't like body hair on a man.  Does that make them all potential paedophiles?  Women also remove hair from their legs and armpits, so do you think they are trying to appear prepubescent, too.  
  • Some people just like the aesthetic way it looks on themselves and on others. Men often say that they feel that a woman who's removed their pubic hair has taken charge of her own body, appears more mature, confident and very, very sensual.  And clearly, so do the many millions of women across the world who prefer to look like that.

7. "It's just a fashion fad and it's already becoming less popular."

  • Women began to remove their armpit hair in the 1920's when short-sleeved dresses became popular and they still continue to this day, in spite of claims that hairy armpits are "making a comeback." They're not. The same is true for smooth pubes.  Pubic hair removal goes back a long way into ancient history (Ref.f). Art galleries are full of old paintings and statues depicting people with smooth pubes. 
  • All the surveys show that removing all the pubic hair is more popular than it has ever been. (Ref.e) It's how most people want to look and they're not willing to give it up, whatever the fashionista bullies tell them to do. I've seen so many articles over the decades loudly proclaiming that the "fad" is over and "the bush" is finally back in popularity, like this Ref.h from 2014. They have all turned out to be wrong. 
  • The press and media strongly disapprove of a woman's decision to remove her pubic hair.  Visit this page to see why.


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